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So many leaders strive to create a high-performance organization, yet are so pressed to deliver the numbers, so busy being in the grind themselves, that they struggle to find the time and energy to ignite a spark in their employee's hearts, and to invest in becoming the leaders they aspire to be.

Countless managers move through the motions of their day to day mindlessly, without feeling the inner passion connecting them to who they truly are, not bringing their full self to work, never discovering their superpowers and what they capable of becoming.

We're in the midst of the biggest leadership crisis we've faced in decades.

87% of employees feel unhappy, undervalued, and unfulfilled in the workplace.
This has given rise to the modern day epidemic of fatigue and burnout.

It's time for a new model of leadership, It's time to get back to a place of FLOW.

It's time for Flow Leadership

Leading with Purpose, Passion and Positivity

'Lead Like a Girl'

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After spending 2 decades as a C-suite Executive at Fortune 500 companies - I experienced first hand both feeling stuck - unable to bring my best self to work - and being in complete flow, and the high-performance organization and results this state drives. I have walked the halls of major organizations and seen dozens of eyes devoid of the spark, the excitement, the purpose that shines from within.

I complimented my practical experience with the theories of Organizational Development and Positive Psychology, to create a holistic leadership training program - Flow Leadership.

I am now on a mission to share my insights and learnings, successes and struggles to help shape the new generation of leaders.

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Leaders that promote a more purposeful, happier and psychologically-safe working culture

Leaders that invest in their mental and physical energy to manage stress and persevere

Leaders that enable their employees to bring their best selves to work and achieve their goals with meaning and joy, ultimately maximizing the company's performance

Flow Leadership is a customized, science-based program to help you transform your managers into inspirational leaders.

Flow Leadership is based on a 3 Pillar Approach: 



Flow Leadership 

What is the Flow Leadership Program? 

Purpose - Finding their personal purpose and linking it to the company's purpose.

Perseverance - Re-purposing stress to fuel your goals, focusing on wellness, mindfulness and growth mindset. 

People - Focusing on people's strengths and unleashing ROI = Return on Interaction.




Flow Leadership is grounded in the tenets of Positive Psychology, Change Management and Play-Based Learning.

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