Dalia works across a variety of projects in line with her purpose to inspire and empower people to be the best that they can be.

Emerging Hope Lanka NGO

Dalia has linked up with Emerging Hope Lanka founder Nilushika Silva Jayaweera to help women in Sri Lanka open their microbusinesses. Dalia runs several fundraising events a year to help finance the 55 live projects, enabling not only the women impacted, but also their children and entire family to come out of poverty and into hope.

TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers

TOM is a global network of communities creating solutions for people with disabilities. Their vision is a world in which technology and innovation allow every person access to affordable solutions for their needs. For the first TOM MakeAThon in Singapore in 2019, Dalia lead a team (6 leadership members, 100 volunteers) to create this event. She worked with universities, the disabled community and the makers community on fundraising while partnering with key companies (eg Google and HP confirmed partners) for a successful event.

Tikkun Olam Event at Google innovation center

Dalia volunteered at this NGO helping children in the Myanmar Rohingya refugee camp in Malaysia, as well as under privileged schools in Nepal and Israel.

Future a Girl

Together with my partners Lisa Goodchild & Bhavna Toor (She/Her) (She/Her)
- we decided to bring some of the girls into our #leadlikeagirl educational programs but I also decided to donate the money she needed for the 10 sewing machines to test her idea.

The day was April 27 and they found out it was my daughter’s birthday. So they made this incredible video for her.

Lead Like a Girl Fellowship

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