This will inspire individuals to bring their best selves to work.


Upon completing my army service as a platoon commander (a crash course in leadership in and of itself), I embarked on my academic life, studying Psychology and Business (Summa Cum Laude) and landed my first job out of school at P&G, the world’s largest consumer goods company. For 17 years I thrived there, because I had the space to bring my passion for people development and strategic leadership to my role as a Marketing Executive. I found immense satisfaction both in training and coaching my global team, as well as leading some of the world’s most iconic advertising campaigns such as Always #LikeAGirl (2014 winner of 14 Cannes awards and Forbes 2020 10 Most Influential Campaigns of the Century) and Whisper’s "Touch The Pickle” (winner of Cannes Sheryl Sandberg Glass Ceiling Award, 2014).

I then took on a role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Electrolux, helping redesign the marketing function from scratch and leading a team of 100 people across Asia.

I am on a mission to enable organizations to promote a more authentic, happier and psychologically-safe working culture.

20 Years Experience as a Senior Executive - Leading from The Trenches to the Top


Leadership Coach and Organizational Psychologist -
The Science of Leadership Development

In 2015, I became certified as a leadership coach with ‘NeuroLeadership Institute’ and was certified by "ICF" (International Coaching Federation) and have been working with executive clients across the globe ever since.

In 2019 I completed my Masters in Organizational Psychology from INSEAD Business School (Executive Masters in Change), writing my Thesis on "Psychological Safety in the Workplace," which centers around the conditions needed to create the right culture that enables each person to bring their best self to work. This is proven to be the #1 driver of high-performing teams. (Google Aristotle research 2014).

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Mindfulness Practitioner -
Where Mind and Body Meet

Though my past is well-grounded in science, I firmly believe in the mind-body interaction and keeping everything in flow. I am also a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. I bring all of these tools into my work at organizations to provide both the mind and the body piece to the emerging leaders I work with.

Science of Happiness Adjunct Professor -
Bringing Positive Psychology to the Workplace

In 2018 I became certified as a teacher in the "Science of Happiness" at HSA - Happiness Studies Academy, with Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar, in collaboration with Miami University.

In 2019 I was asked to create an 8-module course on ‘Happiness as a Managerial Skill’ for the Singapore Management University (SMU) where I have been teaching since August 2019. I developed a version of this course for corporations called ‘Happiness In The Workplace’ and it's run commercially in companies all across the globe.

Women’s Advocate -
Lead Like a Girl

I'm intensely passionate about working with women, empowering them to get out and "lead like a girl" - no boundaries, no inhibitions, no ceilings. By recognizing the more feminine traits like empathy, resilience, creativity and intuition, women (and men) can find their true edge in today's leadership.

Founder of P&G women’s network in Russia and Singapore - creating role models, mentorship and driving the company D&I policies

Author of ‘MOM - Managing Our Maternity’; winner of internal P&G 2003 Diversity award

Author of 'Lead Like a Girl’ (2020)

Philanthropist for several women’s causes such as 'Emerging Hope Lanka'- helping women in Sri lanka open micro-businesses

Based on my vast, multifaceted experience, I have designed several modular training programs, ranging from a keynotes to full-day workshops, to help individuals and organizations maximize ROI – Return on Interaction - leading to increased Return on Investment.

"As always she blows me away! What is unique and difference to other workshops, is that it not just tell you something that helps you for your work life, but also helps and guides you on a personal level which was very interesting and rare to hear in conferences that you attend.”

- Rushit Jhaveri

Leading Brand Sponsorships at Google

“Just heard Dalia this morning. She is probably one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever met, yet she is so humble. She has such a powerhouse story and I love how she brings purpose and passion to try and inspire others. She is a true gem” 

- Elaine Champion

Head of Leadership and Org Development, Cathay Pacific  

“Dalia came to speak at our event in Malaysia, 300 delegates. She really inspired the entire audience with her talk on ‘Purpose-Led Brand Building’. Couldn't recommend her high enough!”

- Simon Berger

Founder IM2 Group Mad World

“Wow what a workshop- these times are not easy, that’s why I am extra grateful for Dalia’s workshop- Building resilience-choosing joy. She was charismatic, super knowledgeable and really got my team engaged. What impressed me most is how much my team enjoyed the homework- everyone still talking about this workshop- a real must for all organizations helping employees deal with their work and life challenges, especially these days” 

- Eli Shoshani

head of APAC BottomLine Fintech technologies

"Dalia’s workshop on ‘Find your why’ was really inspiring, thought provoking and interactive. She seamlessly merges science, research, practical tools and personal experience to deliver the material adding her special ‘Dalia touch’ to keep us engaged and inspired. Her approach is very relatable and grounded – I was pleased not to be sold some vision of a magical future but carefully and skillfully take me on a journey to live my life with purpose- highly recommended!"

- Kelly Weber

Marketing and comms KeyNote women speakers directory Asia

“Loved Dalia’s speech. Totally inspiring. Lots of great learning to take away. She certainly provoked a a good way and her authenticity is rare and exotic in that habitat. Her strength shines. Thank you.

- Nicola Gold

Business Director, Pico Australia

“I just saw Dalia and I must say it is probably the most impactful talk I have ever had because she was… genuine. I really wish she can come to where I work … She has given me the energy and battery to keep going”.

- Christina Reiss

HR Leader

 “I was in the audience at Netflix tonight and just wanted to share how much I enjoyed listening to Dalia’s speech. Your passion and brilliance is so tangible, yet still so relatable on a human level that you were able to connect with every person in the audience”

- Naomi Michelle

Head of Marketing, IPG MediaBrands

"The Building resilience-Choosing joy’ session was outstanding- despite all participants being quite knowledgeable, Dalia was able to pack the science in an easy model and include personal stories and interactive exercises so that each came out with a tangible action plan on how to bring positive psychology insights and interventions both for ourselves and our organization. Dalia really inspired and challenged us all to think differently and remember what matters. "

- Maayan Tavor Fridman

Employee experience manager/ founder of ‘Pass it on’ HR community

"It is two days since I attended an amazing workshop- Find your why by Dalia Feldheim. The session brought with it life reflections, experiences, themes and deep insights about ourselves. Added to that were fun elements and Dalia’s profound knowledge which gave me a new direction and clarity on my why. Grateful Dalia for this magical experience"

- Bhavana BP 

Emotional resilience coach and podcaster

"I have attended Dalia’s ‘Find Your why’ session before. 5 star stamp from me. ⭐️ 
Actually this workshop helped me see the theme of ‘GRIT’ has repeatedly appeared in my life. Later I went on to develop a keynote and teaching framework around grit. And the book I’m writing is also around becoming more gritty with actions. So If you need clarity around your purpose ......Dalia has got you."

- Dee Allan


Kind Words

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Based on this vast multifaceted experience, I have designed several modular training programs ranging from a key-notes to full day workshops to help individuals and organizations maximize ROI – return on interaction - leading to increased return on investment.  

​I combine humour, authentic storytelling, scientific research and practical strategies to inspire and transform my audiences leaving them with tangible action plans to become happier individuals and more successful employees.